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About User IDs

All WSU Student Network IDs
WSU students and applicants for admission access services using a Network ID (NID).

All WSU Faculty and Staff Network IDs
WSU faculty, staff needing a Network ID (NID). If you have been assigned a WSU ID number (employeeID), you can set up your NID. You will need to use your birthdate and last four digits of your SSN. If your WSU ID number is not NID eligible you will need to contact your hiring department.

WSU Friend IDs
Individuals who are not students (parents, visiting guests, etc.) who are not eligible for a NID may access limited services, including electronic payments, by creating a Friend ID.

Other services, such as Third Party Access to a student's official WSU records or access to class collaboration sites or the wireless network, will need the apropriate WSU sponsor.  Learn more