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Your Password
Your password is a means of keeping your information secure.

Do not share it or disclose it.
Your password should be easy to remember, but not to guess.

Password Creation Guide
  • Password Rules:
    • Minimum length: 10 characters
    • Maximum length: 80 characters
    • May contain Leet Speak (i.e. L33t $peak)
    • May contain short dictionary words (6 characters or less)
    • NOTE: New passwords must be different than the 4 previous passwords
  • Must contain characters from three of the four Character Sets:
    • Numbers: 0-9
    • Lower Case Letters: a-z
    • Upper Case Letters:A-Z
    • Special Characters: !@#$%^&*().?
      • Other keyboard characters may be used: Angle brackets, quotation marks and the <space> are among them, however the behaviour of these items can be erratic: They should be used with caution. The space can be helpful when creating memorable phrases but should never be the first or last character.
  • Leet Speak:
  • Caution!
    • No: Dictionary words 7 characters or longer (spelled forwards or in reverse i.e. "esrever")
    • No: User Names, UserID, NID or forms of these may be used in the password
    • No: Common keyboard sequences such as qwerty, 123123, abcabc, etc
    • Do Not: Reuse recent passwords. For NID and FID holders, a non-decryptable history of the last 4 changes will be kept for comparison beginning May 18, 2011.
  • Learn more about passwords